Navigating Innovation in Outsourcing: the Arcanys Journey

Beyond Borders Podcast Episode 007: Overview

In this episode, we delve into the remarkable journey of Frederic Joye, co-founder of Arcanys, a prestigious Swiss software development outsourcing firm now flourishing in the Philippines. With a profound expertise in nurturing highly adept teams of developers tailored for startups and established enterprises, Arcanys stands as a beacon of excellence in the tech industry.

Hailing from Switzerland, Frederic’s affinity for technology was ingrained long before the internet era dawned. Together with co-founder Alan, they embarked on illustrious careers, predominantly focused on pioneering e-commerce and software endeavors.

In 2001, Alan’s entrepreneurial spirit propelled him to co-found an online video game startup in Spain, later expanding its footprint to Hong Kong in 2003. The venture burgeoned to encompass 350 staff, serving a staggering one million customers within a year and amassing $90 million in revenue, buoyed by substantial venture capital investments exceeding $80 million.

Meanwhile, Fred honed his expertise in mergers & acquisitions and spearheaded reorganization projects for a leading Swiss financial institution. His tenure as the youngest IT board member of a listed company at the tender age of 25 underscored his strategic prowess and foresight.

In 2009, spurred by a compelling new opportunity and a friend’s invitation, Fred joined Alan on their second venture in Hong Kong. Anticipating unprecedented growth, they relocated their joint venture to the Philippines, heralding the birth of Arcanys—a testament to the perfect amalgamation of entrepreneurial acumen and unwavering passion for technology.

Guest Bio

At Arcanys, Frederic Joye seamlessly integrates his love for technology with a profound dedication to holistic health, recognizing the profound synergy between the two. As the driving force behind Arcanys Ventures, he transcends conventional investment paradigms, offering startups not just capital but also invaluable guidance and insight, propelling them towards success. The creation of Arcanys CrossFit stands as a deliberate testament to his belief in the intrinsic connection between physical well-being and entrepreneurial prowess. By championing this dual-focus approach, Frederic fosters an environment where personal wellness and professional advancement harmonize, fostering a culture of holistic achievement that extends far beyond traditional business metrics.

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