Beyond Borders Podcast Episode 003


In this interesting episode, we extend a warm welcome to Jesse Hahn from StraightSource. What distinguishes them is their pioneering Soundboard-based Avatar Call Center Service, an advanced platform that is reshaping the landscape of inbound-outbound call centers. The journey of conceiving and collaborating on this groundbreaking platform for the BPO sector stands as one of Jesse’s most notable accomplishments.

As one of the premier staffing organizations and leading Recruitment Process Outsourcers in the USA, StraightSource has empowered over 9000 companies worldwide to optimize virtually every aspect of their operations, from top-tier management to operational efficiency. Their disruptive approach grants them a significant competitive advantage in today’s demanding market.

Through the collective expertise of their team and the utilization of cutting-edge AI technology, they take pride in positively impacting the lives of call center proprietors, ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to multinational corporations, on a daily basis.

Guest Bio

For nearly twenty years, Jesse Hahn has served as the Chief Knowledge Officer at StraightSource, a prominent figure in the global Outsourced Labor Services sector. StraightSource provides a diverse array of top-tier services to the Business Process Outsourcing industry, encompassing Mortgage & Insurance Processing & Underwriting, Software and User Experience Development, Workforce Process Optimization, and Lead Generation Services.