Featured Company: MontPac Outsourcing [Interview][Transcript]

marivic_david_montpac_outsourcing victoria_gaudiel_montpac_outsourcingGuests:Victoria Gaudiel and Marivic David
Presenter: Henry Acosta
Guest Bios: Victoria Gaudiel is MontPac’s Chief Financial Officer. Vicky is in charge of formulating and implementing the organization’s financial management strategies and providing integral support to client account management with the objective of improving profitability and increasing billings and collections. Adherence to the highest standards of global excellence marks every action and accomplishment of Vicky. Her establishment of metrics for each scope of work, training of key personnel, management of clients, and continuous evaluation of every aspect of the operational process and the performance of the workforce ensures punctual, high-quality service to MontPac’s SME clients.
As VP of Client Services, Mauee oversees MontPac’s accounting operations and the management of clients in the United States, Australia, Switzerland and Asia from different industries such as restaurant, professional service, software-as-service, tech startups, technological research, retail and construction, among others. Together with the CEO and SVP, she’s in-charge in sourcing potential leads and obtaining new clients, developing fee structures and overseeing engagement implementation and client maintenance.

Segment overview: MontPac Outsourcing provides their clients with the skills and diligence needed to create ‘stress-free accounting’ operations. MontPac is an integrated and organic element of a client’s organization and operations. We ensure that management information is timely, precise, accurate and meaningful so that business owners can make the informed decisions that are vital to the growth of their businesses. Accounting is their specialty and they have hired and trained hundreds of professionals; many of whom are CPAs, to focus on the critical elements of your business so that clients can continue to pursue their key strengths as a business and service their customers with excellence. MontPac Outsourcing Chairman and CEO Henry Montgomery has over 50 years experience in financial and corporate management and has been CEO or CFO for many companies, from start-ups to very large companies, including Spectrian Corporation, Memorex Corporation, and Fairchild Camera & Instrument Corporation. While enjoying his retirement in Hawaii, he had the idea to translate the best practices that he used or have gone through over these big companies and employ them to the small and medium sized entities because he believed that the small and medium sized businesses were not properly served in terms of their accounting needs and he also considered that these businesses would not have as much funds to cover for paying accountants.

Address: Unit 18A, Philexcel Business Park, Manuel A. Roxas Highway, Clark Freeport Zone, Mabalacat, 2010

Contact Number: US +808.923.3300

Website: http://montpac.com/

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Henry Acosta:  Hi, today we have quite a few guests in studio. We have Victoria Gaudiel and Marivic David of MontPac Outsourcing, you can call them Vicky and Maui. Vicky is the Chief Financial Officer and SVP for client services. Maui is the VP in client services, they both play an integral part in MontPac Outsourcing, Vicky make sures that MontPac clients are happy and are met with excellent standards. She’s been with the company since 2008 and has help lead them to greater heights. Meanwhile, Maui helps manage client relationships and bringing new clients, she works hand in hand with their CEO and SVP to make sure the MontPac Outsourcing is recognized as the premiere company. Their CEO is Henry Montgomery and they’re representing him today. Henry has come from humble beginnings and has since made spectacular leads and bounded his career. He served in the US army and soon after he got an economics degree from Miami University, fast forward to today, henry has gained over 50 years of experience in financial and corporate management. He’s been the CEO or CFO of a lot of companies from small start-ups to well-known companies. Today we’re here to talk about outsourcing here in the Philippines and how the Philippines is a country full of economic potential and growth and for anyone interested in outsourcing here in the Philippines. Hi Maui and Vicky, welcome to the show.

Victoria Gaudiel:  Hi, we’re glad to be here and give some background about our company.

Marivic David:  Yes, definitely, so we’re actually very excited for this interview.

Henry:  That sounds awesome. We’re excited to to talk to you guys too. So for our first question can you give us a quick introduction about who you guys are and what do you guys do exactly for MontPac Outsourcing?

Victoria:  Okay, so essentially what I actually do for MontPac is I handle external client services, so I supervise the whole operations which is primarily consists of mostly accountants. So I make sure that the work we do for our clients, which is mostly significant portion is based in the US, are done to the highest level of standards and then I also handle our personal finances. So right now we have several companies, we have our incorporating company in Hawaii, so I supervise the accounting for that and then I also handle our accounting for the Philippine operations.

Marivic:  Well as for me, Maui, I am the VP for client service, so I work hand in hand with Vicky as well as Henry in ensuring that clients are satisfied. I’m also like handling the client on-boarding as well as obtaining new clients, developing price structures for clients, as well as ensuring that the team that are working on the accounts are actually delivering their services at the highest quality of standards which is where MontPac is known for.

Victoria:  And she’s also our little marketing person at MontPac. So we wear a lot of hats within the company because the concept is more like a family although we’re now almost a hundred people within the company. So it’s a more collegial and very friendly environment.

Henry:  And what do you think made Henry or what inspired Henry to building an Outsourcing business specifically here in the Philippines?

Victoria:  So at MontPac was actually conceptualized while he has… his retirement in Hawaii, so he was there, he was talking to couple of Filipinos and because he had served a lot of big companies, his idea was to translate the best practices that he used or have gone through over these big companies and employ them to the small and medium sized entities because he believed that the small and medium sized businesses were not properly served in terms of their accounting needs and he also considered that these businesses would not have as much funds to cover for paying good accountants. So that’s basically the concept of the business itself, as for choosing the Philippines there’s a lot of factors, what’s considered and Marivic will be giving some of those.

Marivic:  So basically before he actually formed MontPac, Henry was serving as chairman of the board of a very big company which has an operations in China. From Hawaii going to China he has two connecting flights here in the Philippines and with that he has stayed like a couple of days, met friends and from there he has had this idea, since he has basically have known what is Philippines, what are the qualities of people, so he had this idea to actually form MontPac here. Also, another thing is that he has neighbors in Hawaii who are Filipinos which he became friends with and these people have also given Henry the idea of forming MontPac and the services that Filipinos can provide to US clients. As Vicky has mentioned he thinks that the small to medium sized entities are underserved when it comes to financial and accounting needs and the Filipinos have that quality, we know we have very good accountants and the cost of actually doing the work here in the Philippines is definitely much, much lesser as compared to doing it in the US.

Victoria:  Yes, it averages like between 30 – 75 of savings just on the personnel cost alone.

Henry:  What do you guys think is the biggest difference between the Philippines and other countries that service offshore outsourcing and what are the benefits of doing it here?

Victoria: Okay, for outsourcing what we have, they give us feedback from the prospect and some of our clients are Filipinos are really good in English. Some of them are actually surprised when they go here and actually visit us and talk to us and they realize that yeah we can really talk to them and they can understand us and we can understand them. So that actually one big consideration as opposed to some other countries in terms of the different, plus as Maui mentioned the quality of the accountants here because the accounting profession in the Philippines our major clients are in the US although we have some other clients in different countries. Because our accounting in the Philippines is basically patterned with how is it in the US and even in our accounting books are authored by US writers, so on that alone it’s easier to bridge the technical gaps and essentially the accountants here are trained to basically just do how it is done in the US.

Marivic:  Another thing is that basically the quality of the Filipinos. So the Filipinos are very oriented into client service, so we are very friendly in nature which is one of the qualities that our clients really enjoy working with us. Basically, yes the quality of the Filipinos, the patience, the perseverance, the dedication that they put on their work and their inherent attitude of really giving the best for their clients that’s I think is the most advantage, benefit of having your services performed here in the Philippines as compared to having it in other countries.

Henry:  For any clients that are interested in doing work here, outsourcing here – what are the cultural barriers that they usually have to face during their transition period here in the Philippines?

Victoria:  I think if it’s just a newly established BPO company because we had that struggle when we were starting. Henry had that bit of a problem with the cultural difference because Filipinos at the start are a little timid, like they don’t really answer back but right now that has been remedied because if it’s just a matter of communication, example for our company alone there is no ‘Sir’ there is no ‘Ma’am’, everybody’s just on first name basis, it doesn’t matter what your position is. So everybody who comes and if they’re a new employee that’s one thing that , you have a little challenge in terms of telling me ‘Oh no you don’t need to call me Sir or Ma’am’ because they were trained to be respectful like the Filipinos are trained like that, like they really have difficulty in just dropping that designation. In terms of, there are some words that are viewed differently like how you state some sentences, there are a couple of those in terms of differences but as you go through the process because they need to do some diversified training so that they get to get acquainted with the clients, like example us we service Australia, Hong Kong, we have UK, so we have to learn how the client really works, we have to know them really well so that we address any cultural barrier differences.

Marivic:  Another thing is Filipinos are not really confrontational in nature. For example they have some thoughts in mind, they find it difficult sometimes to actually express it because they wouldn’t want to upset the person that they’re directing it to. So another thing that probably we may consider as barrier but definitely they’re like a work around is that they are not confrontational in nature, they would accept whatever task they are being assigned to, sometimes they’ll just say ‘Yes’ but on their mind the answer is ‘No’ so it’s very difficult for us Filipinos to say ‘No’. But definitely with our company what we have that is particularly for our CEO is that to really answer straight yes or no if you can do it, so eventually when they get acquainted with the Filipinos and how they work definitely there is like a way to actually bridge those differences.

Henry:  And can you tell us about the mission and vision of your company?

Victoria:  So basically for our mission and vision, MontPac would want to be the top premiere provider of high quality accounting and financial management services to our clients not only in the US but also throughout the globe. So basically that’s our aim, we would want to deliver services at the highest quality of standard which is what we are currently doing right now and we would want to tap different markets because the outsourcing possibilities here in the Philippines particularly at MontPac are really very broad. Another thing is on our vision as well is we would want to develop, we have very good values such that, our values is that we value our people, so we would want to be the company where people of choice for our fellow Filipinos, our company here is in Clark, we would want to be company of choice. We would want to develop the careers of Filipino accountants so that they would not have really to go outside of the country for them to have a good career, they can find it here in the Philippines. Another is we would want our clients to be very, very satisfied because we would want to build long term relationship with them not only to our clients but as well to our people.

Henry:  And what do you think makes MontPac Outsourcing different from other outsourcing companies?

Marivic:  Okay, as for that specific one our service is actually end to end. From the daily bookkeeping up to financial statement preparation, dealing the clients’  third party contacts like their auditor, their tax accountants. Most of the other BPO companies in the Philippines they do it by process, so like if their person is doing accounts payable, it’s just the work that that person will be doing for the company. Some others is doing it an accountant only handles one specific client, so all throughout his career in the PBO company that’s the only thing they do. If you look at it on a professional growth level for the employees it’s very limited because your focus is only on one aspect, as for the client as I mentioned because we do end to end it’s really easy for us to give advice to them in terms of their accounting and financials. In some instances we also assist them so that they could get their tax planning completed as well because we’re giving them accurately and because we see everything in their financial records it’s not limited to just one function. We do all the accounting functions for them except actually printing the check because we’re doing it virtually, that’s how we differentiate ourselves in terms of the service offering that we do.

Victoria:  Another difference is that what we are actually selling is financial and accounting services because a number of BPO companies here does employee leasing, on our company our employees are MontPac employees and we do financial and accounting service to our clients so basically the output of our employees are our responsibility which makes it different from other outsourcing providers that are providing actually employee leasing. Another thing is that for the services that we do it’s not like someone’s output is not being reviewed because in us we actually have layers of review because we would want to ensure you know the accuracy of the output that we’re providing to our clients, so the client is actually is assured that whatever output is being given to them it has undergone layers of quality assurance so reliability as well as the accuracy of the output that we provide is actually at a really very high level. Another is for every client that we have we design, we have this team that will ensure that all of the work is actually being done. It’s not one person who’s going to work for a client, that one person that will be assigned will have his supervisor as well as a manager to ensure the service is being provided at a highest quality standard possible as well as we also have this back-up and cross trained person to ensure that if someone leaves there’s always someone trained and actually familiar with how the work is being done who can readily and immediately take on the task, so the client is not, there is no disruption when it comes to the delivery of services to our clients.

Henry:  For anyone interested in doing work here in the Philippines or outsourcing with MontPac Outsourcing what would be your advice for them?

Marivic:  Okay, for those ones that are planning to outsource here in the Philippines of course we would want them to talk to us so that we could give them how or what it is their going to save on how it would it actually benefit or complement their requirements in terms of their accounting needs.

Victoria:  Another thing is before outsourcing of course they would have to learn about the Filipinos first, the country specially if they would want to, because some of the companies, for example they would want to put up their own operations probably here so they have to know the people, what are the qualities of the Filipinos. Probably they could just do a quick research on that one, what are the regulatory requirements as well as the compliance. If they’re going to outsource and they would want to partner with the company here they would have to know what is the culture, the values, the mission of that company and how that company can actually complement with the culture, the values and the mission of their company. So they have to know who their outsourcing provider is, what are the services that they offer, how that particular company complements their own so that they could have a better working relationship once they started outsourcing already.

Henry:  Can you share with us any unique experiences of your clients or any testimonials from them about their work with MontPac?

Victoria:  For one, since you know our people are very passionate when it comes to their work as well as for the company and their client. We have this client in California, so we’ve been doing their accounting since, it’s actually a tech start-up, from its inception up to the point that it as well actually generating sales already, so we’re doing all of the accounting for that client and this client is undergoing an audit, statutory audit, it is being audited by one of the 20 biggest public accounting companies in the US. So the feedback that we received from the auditor is that since we’ve provided every work papers necessary to actually complete the audit, so the feedback that we received that we are the best client they have conducted an audit for. Basically there are no findings in the financials that we have provided them, all of the work has been done correctly and accurately, basically for all of the audit clients that they had we are the only company that they have really given such a commendation where we are the best company that they have worked for. For our other clients as well as the commendations that they have been giving to our employees like we are the best accountants that they had worked for, the dedication that our team are actually putting on on their account as well as the attention to details that we are giving on their transactions, they’re actually very, very happy with that. On a regular basis our people normally receives all these short messages from the client how we potentially ease up the workload, reduce their stress level because when they need something and they just email us or give us a call and it’s immediately addressed. Another client actually said that we’re an integral asset to their business because we really complement how it’s being addressed like their accounting needs even though we’re not seeing them face to face doesn’t normally happen unless we need to visit the client so they feel that we really contributed to their business in such a way that they’re able to grow it from a small size entity because we had some of those like really started with scratch like they’re just starting and now their revenue is around 40 million dollars annually.

Marivic:  And another thing is since we at MontPac we are really dedicated and passionate to our clients so we care for them, we care for their financials, we care for their accounting and so that is actually being appreciated by the clients. So some of the clients actually said that they cannot really perform or they cannot really have their day to day operations without the help of MontPac because we service their needs. And because of the dedication some of them are not able to get that kind of quality of work from hiring local people in the US or some other parts of the country and that’s something that they really appreciate with us working for their company.

Victoria: So as for that one, they are able to scale. So they can really grow because they are sure that if they’re continuously growing we’re just gonna continue growing with them to cater the requirements of their business.

Henry:  Can you give us a little bit of insight on your process for recruiting clients?

Victoria:  Okay, actually up to this point or a couple of months back most of our clients come in as referral, we haven’t really spent on a full blast marketing, so we just have our website and then Henry’s reputation had been very helpful because a lot of those are coming in from just people knowing him within the business community so they talk to a friend of Henry or they talk to a client of ours and then the client referred us and then we have a discussion with them. Most of our clients are coming on us via that avenue, some are received from inquiry from our website but going forward we’ll be expanding our marketing efforts so we’re now focusing on that just so we can really market prospect clients.

Henry:  Can you give us an insight on the process for you guys for anyone interested in becoming an employee for MontPac? What do you look for when you’re hiring an employee and what do they have to go through to become an employee of MontPac Outsourcing?

Marivic:  Of course when it comes to the quality of the employees, so we can probably say that we are hiring the best talents that we could find, so we have a number of employees that are accountants, accounting graduates, some with latin honors who came from public audit. But basically what we are looking for are dedicated people, they have high technical skills because of course we strive to be the best accounting service provider, so we would really want to have top people. We also would want to hire people that will stay with the company, the grit of really staying with the company, loving the job as well as being accustomed or are used to the kind of environment that we have because we are client, we provide client services so we would want our clients to be happy. But in return for that is if the employee is really looking for a career or professional growth we can actually give that because for one, we offer and to end accounting service, basically the employee will know everything about accounting from bills processing, payroll, accounts receivable, the preparation of financial statements. We provide analytical commentaries, so basically it’s like a holistic growth for the employee.

Victoria:  So what we’re doing is actually training once they get on board, we’re training them to be the future CFOs of businesses because that’s the way they are being trained and it’s also part of the professional growth plan that we have for them.

Marivic:  When it comes to compensation and benefits ours are actually competitive, so even if you’re going to compare it with other BPO companies or companies here particularly here in Clark but the best thing that we can offer as I previously mentioned in the professional growth that they can have. We have this career ladder that they can actually move up to the top which is a short period of time because the training that they’re going to receive as well as the experience in accounting and financial management service is really, really very high as we’ve, aside for my, came from audit as well as Vicky so I believe that the experience is actually at par with the experience that they’re actually gonna get from an audit.

Victoria:  And just an example for the employees that are hired we also welcome fresh graduates, so for those when some of them does haven’t had their board exam so they come to us so they’ve spent a couple months doing the accounting jobs that we have and then they don’t, some of them doesn’t even take like the necessary 6 months, you know review courses? A couple of our employees only had 2 months or just a couple of days but they actually passed the board exam. When we ask them how was the board exam it was easier for them because there’s a practical application of the questions being asked in the exam, so in a way we’re also training them to pass their CPA exam without really going into just pure theory.


Marivic:  Another thing is the advantage of working with MontPac, because we’re working with different accounting, software accounting platforms, the technologies related to accounting available in the market already. So they got to experience that, they’re not just be working with one accounting system, we have QB, QBO NetSuite clients, so that’s one of the advantages of working for MontPac actually.

Henry:  Can you say that the businesses of your clients have grown with you guys, with MontPac Outsourcing?

Victoria:  Oh yes, definitely. With just the example I’ve mentioned earlier the start up now around 40 million revenue annually. One of our biggest clients it’s a property management company, we started with handling them, their portfolios around 1,200 units, right now their portfolio is around 4,500 units and we’re still their accountants, so imagine the growth over the last couple of years in terms of their business.

Marivic:  Another avenue for growing our business as well as making affiliations with accounting firms in the US and in Australia and some other parts of the world. So we have this, when it comes to growing their accounting practice since basically it’s very costly to actually hire an accountant in the US or in Australia, if they can outsource the work here in the philippines and pay significantly less amount as compared to hiring their employees in-house they have this potential really to grow their business, they can devote their time to market their services, get new clients, maintain client relationships, so we have this affiliates in the US who only has 1 CPA at the start, they don’t have bookkeepers or admin staffs to do the work, so basically we started that, we started with 1 client and now we grew to almost 100 clients without adding a person in the US. We are doing all of the work back end. So the advantage of that is they can offer very good services and he was able to offer as well very competitive prices in his area, so that attracts more clients to actually get his services. The reason for that of course is that since our rate for our services are significantly lower and he can offer more competitive prices so he can, he was able to attract more clients.

Henry:  For interested clients that are about to go here what are the common misconceptions that they face when they’re starting out with outsourcing here in the Philippines?

Victoria:  One experience I had when I was doing implementation was when I asked them ‘Are you ready?’ so I was onboarding and accounts like I’m so afraid because they don’t really, like we’re off-site even though I visited, I actually visited them in the US to pitch how we’re doing the work, so it’s like I really afraid the engagement might fail because one, there’s a time difference, so the initial misconception there is they need the support in their working hours which is not really on most cases necessary. The way we’re doing it, we’re covering essentially after their work hours so when they come in the work is done, they don’t really need to do anything about it except probably just bounce around some of the emails because it’s done for them, they just need to review. So that’s one misconception and then when we were just starting I remembered on our second or third year some of our US visitors they were joking our chairman, ‘I think you just have a sweatshop there’, so because they don’t really see it and they’re not familiar with the facility, so it was the common joke among his friends that, ‘Oh no, you’re just running a sweatshop’ because they’re not seeing the professionals within the country.

Marivic:  Another is since the Philippines is a third world country so some of the potential clients or those who are kind of hesitant to do an outsourcing here in the Philippines is that they thought that they could not find quality caliber people to actually do the work because it’s really the misconception because the quality of the people that we have here in the Philippines, the quality of our graduates are really topnotch so that’s one of the most common misconceptions because we are in a third world country. So basically that’s…

Victoria:  That’s what we can recall at the top of our head like the common misconceptions that we have encountered.

Marivic:  Another thing that I could add is that they thought that the security of their data.

Victoria:  It can be compromised.

Marivic:  It can be easily compromised but basically most of the accounting firms or outsourcing companies are very strict to the security of data. And another thing that probably they don’t easily realize is that since we are outside of their area, we don’t really know them so the possibility of us actually tampering their data or doing something on their data is not very high because we don’t know them, so most of the time we don’t have actually the interest to actually do something to their data or to their information.

Victoria:  We just want to finish doing the work, although we would want to understand how the money flow, essentially the financial flow because that’s where our interest is but their misconception is someone might try to steal their credit card information, bank information because that’s a common problem in the US, ‘Identity theft.’ So it’s quite rampant in that area so they’re really concerned about that but once you had the discussion with them in terms of the IT infrastructure and data security then they get the more confident in terms of how their data are handled.

Henry:  Since you guys have been working with MontPac for a long time, can you share any memorable experience that you’ve had with the company so far?

Marivic:  A lot. (Laughs)

Victoria:  A lot. So as for me because I’ve been here since the start, I’ve seen the struggle like when we were just starting out, how to really organize everything so that nothing falls to the crap, had a lot of experience talking to our chairman, because I think in terms of the Filipino timidity and their politeness I’m one of the exceptions. Because I’ve worked overseas for a couple of years too so I’m more vocal, so I really like answer back and one good thing that I can really say about MontPac is when I talk to Henry, our president he treats me as an equal, my opinion and my voice is heard, I’m not just like ‘Oh you’re just beneath me.’ No, you’re not gonna feel that he’s really up there and you can’t really reach him so for me that’s one really memorable experience. One good thing that I like while working here, you’re given equal opportunity to speak, your growth is dependent on how you really want to grow because he just gives you the essentially the ocean to swim and learn what you want to learn because we cater to all different vertical markets.

Marivic:  For me, basically similar to Vicky also, I started out as a senior associate and they reach, my level as VP in just 4 years, so the trust that our CEO is actually giving to us Filipinos, it’s something that I really, really appreciate, the growth that I had, I was able to deal with clients, to deal with the CEO. I was able to provide my recommendation, it was heard, it was implemented, it’s something that I’m very, very happy about. Also I can still, it’s very vivid to me, I really can remember what our CEO has told us that the team that he has here, MontPac, are the best accounting professionals that he actually worked for throughout his career. He has worked with very big companies and the quality of the work, the quality of the people, the dedication, the passion of the Filipinos it’s something that he’s really very happy working, that’s the reason he’s actually very happy working with MontPac.

Victoria:  With those like the way he really look at us it makes us feel that it’s really fun working here, it’s like an environment like I’ve been here for 8 years, haven’t updated my resume. Turning down calls from headhunters because I really like what I’m doing here and the growth is really just, it’s just really up to me in that level. Another I think memorable, not really experience but like memorable in terms that everybody has the same comment, one month working with MontPac is like one year equivalent if you’re outside in terms of what you learn. You’d feel like if you’ve been here for 2 months the equivalent of what you learn here, if you’ll get it outside it would take you 2 years before you learn the things that you learn inside MontPac. My friends who have been with us left and worked with other companies, everytime I see them it’s like ‘I miss working with you’ there’s something different in how things are done within our entity, that’s one thing.

Marivic:  The discipline that has been inculcated in us, the values, the culture of working with MontPac is something that will really help one professional to really grow as a good professional. What we can probably say is that if we have an associate here with probably 1 year of experience because basically has worked with from accounts payable to financial statements, so they can actually take on or work with a small to medium sized entity and handle the full accounting of that one, so that’s the growth that we’re actually giving to our people.

Henry:  And for anyone interested in contacting you guys or try to get in touch with you, how can they find you and where’s your physical location either for potential clients or employees?

Victoria:  So for clients they can actually, they can always visit our website, it’s www.montpac.com as well as they can send an email to [email protected] or just give us a call 808 469 4542 and 808 469 4524. Our office is located here in Clark, it’s Unit 18A – C, PhilExcel Business Park, M. Roxas Highway, Clark Freeport Zone or for example for clients in the US we have also our office although it’s very small, it’s in 1357 Kapiolani Boulevard Suite 1115, Honolulu, Hawaii 96814 is the zipcode. So for potential employees, again they can just visit the website or they can send their resume to [email protected].

Henry:  Well thank you for that, it was a pleasure having Mauee and Vicky on the show and we appreciate you for talking to us.

Marivic:  You’re very much welcome.

Victoria:  And it was nice talking to you too just to tell you about our company and all about MontPac.

Marivic:  Yes, so it’s a great opportunity for us. Thank you for giving this to us and hope that in any way we were able to inspire your potential clients or anyone from outside the Philippines to do outsourcing here in the Philippines and was able to realize the advantages of really outsourcing here and the quality of the people and how it looks working here in the Philippines.

Henry:  And that was Marivic David and Victoria Gaudiel of MontPac Outsourcing, they’re in studio today representing their CEO, Henry Montgomery. Marivic David or Mauee is the VP of MontPac Outsourcing and Victoria Gaudiel is the SVP and CFO. We just finished talking about MontPac Outsourcing and how the Philippines is a great place for anyone interested in outsourcing. If you’ve missed this interview or want to listen to it again you can go on www.offshoring.com.ph and you can also find us on Soundcloud and iTunes.   






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