evroTarget LLC

Contact: Mihane ISmajli
Work St. Isa Kastrati, 104 Prishtina Kosova Prishtina Kosova 10000 Kosova Website: evroTarget LLC


evroTarget L.L.C started in 2016 as branch of evroenergie L.L.C which was established in 2011 and is part of the HORIZONTE Group AG.

The aim of evroTarget is to offer high-quality, reliable services and products that are tailored to individual customers. Thanks to years of experience and the constant dedication of our employees, we can show a wide range of different industries and countless satisfied customers.

With our know-how, highly developed technology and dedicated team, we offer you the best and most modern solution, because your customer satisfaction is our (customer) success.

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St. Isa Kastrati, 104 Prishtina Kosova 10000 Kosova

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