Maximize Your Outsourcing Success with Insights from OutsourcingFit Senior Consultant John Hardy

Beyond Borders Podcast Episode 012: Overview

Welcome to a special episode featuring our esteemed Senior Consultant, John Hardy. In this episode, John delves into the OutsourcingFit journey, providing insights into the evolution of outsourcing, the expansion of services available through outsourcing, and the process of matching clients with the right outsourcing providers.

OutsourcingFit specializes in comprehensive research and due diligence in the BPO sector, including site visits, self-reporting, and data validation. Our extensive experience can help you tailor solutions to meet your specific needs and manage your risk effectively. From gathering anecdotal insights and local gossip to conducting full due diligence and tender evaluations, our consultants are equipped to assist at every stage.

Avoid costly mistakes by learning from the experiences of others. Once you’ve selected the best-fit BPO provider, we can act as your in-country independent agent, offering services such as liaison support, staff selection, performance monitoring, and process review. Engage with us to benefit from our extensive outsourcing experience across Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

With partner firms in the Philippines, Europe, Africa, America, and Australia, we are well-positioned to help you integrate outsourcing into your business strategy successfully. Having navigated the outsourcing landscape since 2010, we now share our expertise, contacts, and local knowledge to ensure your outsourcing endeavors thrive. As a “Buyer’s Agent,” we are funded through commissions from suppliers, allowing us to provide unbiased advice across a directory of Business Process Outsourcing firms.

Tune in to learn from our journey and discover how OutsourcingFit can make outsourcing a successful part of your business strategy.

At OutsourcingFit, we connect outsourcing companies to businesses who want to outsource. We are all about helping you find the best fit outsourcing provider to help your business scale. 

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