Beyond Borders Podcast Episode 001


In this episode, we explore the story of Asiatel Outsourcing with our guest, Jasjit Singh Anand, the President of Asiatel Outsourcing. Asiatel Outsourcing, a brand under Asia Teleservices Inc, Philippines, stands as a distinguished entity within the outsourcing landscape. A subsidiary of Asia Telecom Holdings Limited (ATHL), the company embarked on its outsourcing journey in 2006, initially focusing on setting up captive operations for the group’s telecom business. Bolstered by its success, the company diversified into third-party BPO services, catering to corporates and SMEs globally. This diversification birthed Asiatel Outsourcing, a trusted boutique outsourcing partner renowned for its reliability and excellence in the Philippines. With over 15 years of experience, Asiatel Outsourcing has served a diverse clientele spanning various industries, offering a spectrum of services including call center, back office support, creative solutions, IT, technical support, and network operations center assistance.

Guest Bio

With over two decades of expertise in business development and project management across multinational corporations like Aditya Birla Group and Fullerton India, Jasjit brings invaluable experience to his current role. Having spent nine years with the company, he has been instrumental in spearheading the Management and overall Business Process Outsourcing development, transforming it from an incubation project to a thriving cornerstone of operations. Jasjit’s involvement in special projects like remittances and scaling up the wholesale telecom trading desk in the Philippines showcases his versatility and strategic acumen. His tenure exemplifies a commitment to excellence, driving the organization towards sustained growth and success in dynamic markets.