Flavours Business process Outsourcing BPO in the Philippines

There seems to be at least three flavours of outsourcing in the Philippines.
At the big end of town there are the large Business process Outsourcers where there are often thousands of staff doing one job. Often involved in voice based call centres the firm will be contract to provide staff on the phones and paid either by the call or by the minute to follow up bad debt or provide customer service or technical support.
At the other end of the scale there are individuals working in the gig economy facilitated by freelancer or similar application platforms and providing everything from creative cartooning to secretarial and personal assistant roles. Usual paid by the hour or the day and often outside of the formal employment system, these workers usually find better than local wages in working for individual firms in the west.
Somewhere in between are the BPO’s called BPOs but different. These are the seat lessors, heavily represented by Australian Expats operating in freeport zones, these firms provide staff, seats, office and technology to allow small and medium western firms to employ teams of outsourced and offshored workers doing everything from real estate property management to technical engineering drawing; advanced accounting and treasury functions to application development and logistics. There is a cresting wave of small australian firms learning to be global firms with low number and small budgets and deriving savings over Australian equivalents of 75 or more percent.

Finding a flavour to suit your business might just be the future for Australian Business.

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