Featured Company: Phil.Exeq Search Solutions [Interview][Transcript]

Guest: Stu Abancio

Presenter: Henry Acosta

Guest Bio: Stu is the all around guy of the start up Talent search firm, Phil.Exeq Search Solutions. They help out their business partners in by using strategic talent acquisition in looking for quality talents for our clients. Stu enjoys building relationships and connecting people within his community.

Segment overview: Stu Abancio of Phil.Exeq Search Solutions joins us in this segment to discuss how their services are different from your ordinary recruitment firm. They provide innovative recruitment solutions thru their skills in talent acquisition, which effectively connects highly eligible candidates with suitable organizations. The company aims to provide companies with candidates that will greatly help their business in more ways than expected and to provide candidates with an environment that will suit their needs. They also serve as partners and consultants to clients and provide them with strategies that will help them create a productive and healthy environment for the growth of their employees. The Phil.Exeq team provides an open and flexible consultancy service for the advancement of their clients.

Address: Unit 908, The Taipan Place, F. Ortigas Jr Avenue, Pasig City, 1605

Contact Number(LOCAL): (02) 535 4354

Website: www.philexeq.com/

To know more about Phil.Exeq Search Solutions, listen to the podcast below.

The interview will start at the 22:32 of the podcast episode.


Henry Acosta: Hello and welcome to the Outsourcing and Offshoring Philippines podcast. Our guest in studio is Stu Abancio of Phil. Exeq Search Solutions. Stu is their all around guy. He’s been with the company for almost a year, but he’s already packed with a lot of responsibilities. He’s currently the lead in marketing, sales, talent acquisition and business processes. All that work is being all for him and Phil. Exeq Search Solutions since the artifacts and recruitment firm in the Philippines. Today, we’re here to talk him, Phil. Exeq Search Solutions and the Philippines as the destination for a business. Hi Stu, thanks for coming by, welcome and we’re glad to have you here.

Stu Abancio: I’m happy to be with you guys.

H: To get started, we just wanted to know how did you get started or how did you get involved with Phil.Exceq Search Solutions?

S: Alright. I think for me, a little background about myself first. I’ve been in the search industry for more than 5 years already. It might seem short, but it’s super intensive work experience when it comes to search. So Phil.Exeq actually started out as a recruitment company for a group of companies which is a conglomerate to be exact. So Phil.Exeq was at first catering, giving candidates to this specific group of companies and then the investor of that group of companies saw the potential in Phil.Exceq so they decided to cater, to serve other clients outside of that group of companies. With that expansion, they got me to help them in penetrating the market. Since then, I’ve been helping them grow, I’ve been helping them be very visible.

H: I see. How does Phil.Exeq Search Solutions help out with people who outsource here to the Philippines?

S: We help out by actually finding them quality talent. That I think would be one of our main differences from other search firms. We not only give candidate referrals and look at their whole recruitment process aside from the people sharing or connecting them to our network. We give them the whole complete talent acquisition package.

H: Can you tell us a little bit more about Phil.Exeq Search Solutions and all the kinds of services that you guys offer?

S: Alright. We started actually three years ago. But the expansion, we started August last year. We got client from different companies just starting last August. Our tagline is ‘Beyond Recruitment’ and the reason for that is we really go beyond recruitment meaning we give strategic talent acquisitions services. A lot of people would have the notion of recruitment in talent acquisition to be the same but recruitment is actually under talent acquisition so that’s why we go beyond recruitment. We give the complete strategic talent acquisition consulting service. We look at the process of recruitment for our partners, for our business partners, for our clients. … the process of recruitment which is a factor when it comes to attracting talent. We check that also if there’s … exams, if our clients are still using exams. We check if it’s still up-to-date or if it’s still relevant for them to give out exams or we also check the rationale why they want to give exams. We give the total consulting package. We act as business partners and not just recruiters for rent which we find very transactional. We go beyond recruitment, we become pro-active as consultants also.

H: With regards to your clients, with people who usually offshore work. Can you give us testimonials of their experience with you guys?

S: Yes, of course. We actually have a lot of clients that are overseas and are starting up here in the Philippines, that’s a bulk of our clients. They’ve been very thankful for us because we help them set up their satellite office here in the Philippines from employee number one. We help them build up their team. Other clients that we have are companies that are looking for virtual assistance. We help them also by giving them quality people that they could trust. Actually, a lot of our clients choose to offshore here in the Philippines because number one, it’s cheaper and also their quality of talent here in the Philippines could be very comparable to or if not comparable, better than the other countries. Plus the communication skills in the Philippines, a lot of Filipinos can speak English. So yes, language barriers.

H: We’re much more very good to other countries with regards to talent. Other than Filipinos being talented and other than us being hard workers, what do you think makes the Philippines so attractive to clients as a destination for outsourcing?

S: I think one of the factors would be there’s no language barriers here in the Philippines. Majority of the Filipinos could speak English, clear or understandable English. I think that’s one big factor why a lot of foreign companies outsource their employees here. They easily get to understand and connect with the people compared to other countries that they hard to communicate with. I think that would be one big factor.

H: Awesome. Let’s say you’re talking to a client, and they’re looking to do business here. What will be your best advice when they first start doing their outsource work here?

S: I would probably advise them to just relax and leave the hard work to the consultants to outsource the services to the experts I would say. Then give them feedback and reports on how things are here in the Philippines just to that they could gain their trust. I think that would be my main advice for people who like to outsource here.

H: I’m just wondering, how did you become the all-around guy at Phil.Exeq Search Solutions? You don’t really have designated or a title.

S: Correct, I’ve been a recruiter for the longest time. And then, at the side I do sales. When I got here at Phil Exeq, I did all those things already. I’m doing sales, getting talent, acquiring and then at the same time I’m doing marketing. When I have time, I also would like to still look for people and connect them to our clients because I think it could be one. There’s a better feeling when you give opportunities to people and help out your clients. Aside from doing sales, doing marketing, doing recruitment, I’m also the tech person here. I set up the technologies here, I set up all the internet, all the programs and all the software that we’re using now.

H: You do sound like the all-around guy there. What do foreigners usually, what’s their biggest misconception when it comes to outsourcing here or doing work here in the Philippines?

S: I would say it’s about the trust. I would say it’s trusting the Filipinos. I think there’s a bad notion of Filipinos when it comes to foreigners. My advice is just give them a chance to get to know the Filipinos more, connect with them more and I think that’s the only way that they could break that notion of Filipinos not being trustworthy or something.

H: I see. For people listening right now, for everyone, maybe people who are interested in working with Phil Exeq Search Solutions or maybe potential clients, what do you want then to learn from this interview?

S: I would just probably like them to know that Phil.Exeq isn’t the normal recruitment firm that you would see around here in the Philippines. We like to think of us as the first talent acquisition consulting firm which gives you the whole talent acquisition package, which is not just recruitment, just what I said a while ago. I think that’s one message that I like to get across – the differences of recruitment and talent acquisition.

H: Awesome. Well since you already said that, how they can get in touch with you or maybe get in contact?

S: You could get in touch with me through my mobile it’s 0917-551-1245 and for more info about our company Phil.Exeq, just visit our website at www.philexeq.com.

H: Thank you for that and we appreciate you for getting on the show.

S: Yes no problem. Thank you very much.

H: And that was Stu Abancio, one of the leaders and the all-around guy at Phil.Exeq Search Solutions. We just finished talking about the Outsourcing and Offshoring industry here in the Philippines and for more updates and information about the BPO industry, you can go on www.offshoring.com.ph. You can also find us on SoundCloud and iTunes and we’re available on Facebook and Twitter.

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