Transforming Business Success: A Deep Dive with Boomering’s Offshoring Expert, Peter Rea

Outsourcing Success Unlocked Episode 019: Overview

Welcome to our podcast episode featuring Peter (Pedro) Rea, representing Boomering, your trusted strategic offshoring partner dedicated to driving your business success. Whether you’re diving into offshoring for the first time or refining your current strategy, Boomering equips you with the expertise, tools, and support necessary for a smooth transition to a scalable business model.

With a track record of client success stories, Boomering excels in adapting flexibly to diverse business needs, offering a cradle-to-grave approach that ensures exceptional, personalized service for every client.

As a comprehensive BPO, Boomering provides 24/7 support across all industries, prioritizing transparency in every interaction. From initial contact through ongoing operations, we uphold clear and honest communication, fostering trust and cultivating enduring partnerships—all backed by our commitment to no lock-in contracts.

Understanding the critical role of workplace culture in enhancing productivity and satisfaction, Boomering extends this ethos to client interactions. Their offshore team members not only meet stringent skill requirements but also seamlessly integrate with your company’s unique culture.

At Boomering, they empower you to explore offshoring solutions with confidence, offering the flexibility to evaluate their partnership without upfront financial commitments. Discover how Boomering can be the ideal partner for your business needs, ensuring success without financial risk.

Guest Bio

Peter (Pedro) Rea joined Boomering as part-owner in August 2021, drawn by his strong rapport with founder Dean Pascoe and inspired by the company’s simple, smart, and flexible structure. He was captivated by Boomering’s commitment to transparency, fairness, and its belief in creating ‘win-win’ scenarios for both clients and staff.

Since February 2021, Peter has been an integral member of the Boomering family, based full-time in the Philippines. Currently serving as Manager of the Growth Department, Peter excels in connecting people and fostering success within his network and organization.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Peter is a dedicated father to his daughter Patricia, born in July 2023, a milestone made possible with the support of Boomering. Prior to joining Boomering, Peter enjoyed a distinguished 30-year career in the maritime industry, culminating in six years as a captain in commercial shipping. His extensive experience in team building and commitment to Boomering’s values drive him to forge lasting relationships and contribute to the growth and success of all stakeholders.

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